Ultherapy Cost

Ultherapy Cost are Straight Forward Based on Areas of Treatment

The nation-wide average ultherapy cost is ~$2,600 according to a recent nation-wide survey.

As you’d expect, Ultherapy cost in the Los Angeles area is slightly more, but in general prices across the U.S. are fairly consistent and what drives the higher cost in Southern California appears to be patients choosing to treat more or larger areas. Ultherapy cost is pretty straight-forward: the larger the treatment area the more Ultherapy costs. Many offices offer incentives for booking multiple treatments or will discount repeat treatments if they are desired.

At your initial consultation we discuss your concerns and goals and create the ideal treatment regimen for you. The cost is then based on what needs to be done. Generally speaking, Ultherapy can range anywhere from $1,500 for a brow procedure to $4,500 for a very extensive full face treatment.

Ultherapy Cost Per Treatment Area
Ultherapy Cost Per Treatment Area, National Averages